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The Little Mermaid Poster by PolkaDotedFlower
The Little Mermaid Poster
this poster is made for one of my classes where i had to redesign a movie poster.
Here's the disney original one:…
I made Ariel's leg be wrapped inside her tail to symbolize her wish to become human.
This is my best friend by PolkaDotedFlower
This is my best friend
"I found him in the garbage alone, just like me. I fixed him out of pity, as if I was trying to prove some kind of point to myself.
Then, we became best friends."
Cat Swordsman by PolkaDotedFlower
Cat Swordsman
Tested out a lot of technic with this picture. Used shadows to determine the pose, gradient for value and etc. It's actually quite promising working method.
I saw a girl's DA gallery today and she had a huge variation of styles in her art. I could recognize at least 4 of the art styles similar to a few famous deviant artists.  She is opening up extremely cheap priced commissions using these drawings as advertisement and getting quite some attention.

It is illegal to copy people's art work, but what about copying other artists art styles to gain quick fame? There seems to be no specific rules on art style copying.

I am not posting a link to this person's gallery link because I'm not trying to seek trouble or expose her. Just curious of what everyone thinks of this Gray Area.

So, is copying art style ok?

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School Student Skills for Lost Saga (Since he for now has his suit):Hero type: Rare/Melee
Wep: Pencil and Notebook
Armor: School Outfit
Trinket: School Backpack

Wep. Skill: Drawing of Imagination: He/She draws a picture of any kind of person and that person he drew pops  up and attacks the opponent
Helm Skill: Paper Airplane: He/She threws a paper airplane and if anyone is hit by it, the opponents controls will be ramdon on every second.
Armor Skill: Study: You know what that does.
Trinket Skill: Lunch Break: He/She eats his/her lunch which restores hp, if you use this skill while moving, you will drop the lunch for any teammate to eat to restore their health.
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